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September 5

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I’ve had many experiences in my life in which make me who I am today, my inside beauty blows my outside beauty out of the water! I am a Virgo, therefor a very sensual person, a bit twisted behind closed doors. I have never been very fond of anything vanilla. I am also educated, with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, making the dean’s list two years in a row! I was the black sheep growing up, I never seen any outside beauty that I had. I hated people, as I still do!! I started modeling just one year ago. Grew up being told and believing I was ugly and that would never change. I won a contest at 39 that put me in my first magazine. Fast forward a year and I now have 52 publications with three front covers and three back covers. Today, I am one of the most humble, happy models out there. No one can steal my thunder today. After having these amazing feelings I wanted to share them with every woman in the world so I created Inked HempQueens Magazine. It’s time to give other Queens the feelings I have when being published. So from now on I vow to help other women see their true beauty for the rest of my life.




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