Welcoming MYSELF to "MY TIME & "MY TURN" #StayingFOCUSED
The very people who did me wrong, are about to WATCH GOD do ME RIGHT! When people CAN'T get what you HAVE, they LIE about HOW you got what you HAVE #PayThemNOMind
KNOW that YOU ARE #WORTHY to receive EVERYTHING that GOD has for YOU! MAN #CANNOT block whom GOD has BLESSED!
Ritza Chapron and Dream Angel Magazine are now friends
Being GRATEFUL where you ARE, WILL get you to where you're GOING #GiveThanksALWAYS
Planning AHEAD so that I can get AHEAD! Building in MY season so that I can PROSPER.
Because I've GROWN through the fire, I'm about to be LIT. Stepping into MY GREATNESS while GOD is leading ME into another #WIN
MY BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY - “You CAN'T do TODAY'S job with YESTERDAY'S methods & be IN business TOMORROW."
MY MISSION IN BUSINESS - I want my women to KNOW that YOUR #HEALING WILL come when YOU begin to SPEAK on the things that HURT YOU.
My enemies ARE embarrassed. What THEY meant for evil, GOD has used for MY GOOD. I DO NOT worry about my enemies because I KNOW that their somewhere STUCK at the place where they TRIED to STOP ME. They are AFRAID of MY #GREATNESS
WERK while you WAIT! YOUR #ACTIONS will ALWAYS speak LOUDER than YOUR #WORDS, LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR GOD & YOU #THATSALL. GOD allowed THEM to box YOU OUT, NOT to STOP YOU, but to STOP THEM from going where HE'S taking YOU!
Perhaps the goal is NOT to av…
What they THOUGHT would be the death of ME, in turn actually DEVELOPED ME instead. We GROW through trials so that we can TRIUMPH. Peace & Prosperity is found in YOUR Purpose flow. PURPOSE will keep YOU going. Just continue to FOCUS on the BIGGER pic…
YOU can leave the outcome of YOUR FUTURE & YOUR FAMILIES FUTURE in SOMEONE else's hands if YOU want to but I WILL #NOT #EntrepreHER #NOJOBLIFESTYLE #CallYOUROwnShots #WriteYOUROwnChecks
That story just TOUCHED MY SOUL. It just put a FIRE under my ass to go even HARDER for ME & MINES.