Oxford, NC


September 30

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I am a young aspiring model that loves trying new things and meeting new people. I am also a full time student getting a degree in media communication and I look forward to working with and learning more from any and everybody that I meet.





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Promoter, Manager, Entrepreneur, Model, Graphic Designer, Actor/Actress

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Ceddy J

Moett posted a video
Everything in life results from a series of choices. In order to change anything in your life it all starts with a choice.
Aug 19
Moett posted a video
So what if nobody else is in your corner or has your back.... go hard for yourself n the things you love.
Jul 15
Moett posted a video
Be honest with yourself and those around you and don't be afraid to walk away if it is not serving or growing you etc. Want me to speak on something specific...
Jun 24
Moett posted a video
Don't worry about those that leave or you have to walk away from because they will ne back.
Jun 17