Oxford, NC


September 30

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I am a young aspiring model that loves trying new things and meeting new people. I am also a full time student getting a degree in media communication and I look forward to working with and learning more from any and everybody that I meet.





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Promoter, Manager, Entrepreneur, Model, Graphic Designer, Actor/Actress

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A Friend

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Ceddy J

Moett posted a video
Work hard and stay consistent... that's how you become one of the greatest!!
May 13
Moett posted a video
You can't be who you want by being attached to who you've been.
May 6
Moett posted a video
You can't cheat the hustle/grind. If you put nothing in you will get nothing out.
Apr 29
Moett posted a video
People only do what you allow them to do so stop allowing them to bring negativity to your life.
Apr 22