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Kush Montana is the Name!


Atlanta ga is one of the Music industries hot spots for discovering new talent. The city has brought many stars to light and that seems to be the case once again as a new rap superstar emerges from the eastside by the name of Kush Montana.



Kenneth Bell also know as Kush Montana is from Bouldercrest rd Decatur Ga. Growing up  in the hood can be hard but Kush is looking to change is life and family members lives by making it big in the rap industry. Kush managed to impress Atlanta rapper Yohon Trotter.  Yohon has taken kush to another level in only a few months. Kush has two singles out on all platforms ( pacing & High speed ). Kush Montana also has a video out for pacing. Kush is currently working on a new project with super producer Stoopid Beatz.










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1.5 Trip ( Cortez Robinson jr ) also know as Smiley by family is the talk of the town on the mean streets of Decatur.  Candler rd to be exact.  Trip had a rough time growing up in the hood.  Trip began living the trap life at an early age.  After witnessing many of his friends and family fall victim to the streets Trip decided to give rap music a try after being approached about music by his uncle Yohon.  Since everyone around him said he had the juice like lil baby.



Trip joined forces with his uncle and rap super star / Born Leader Ent Ceo, Yohon Trotter.  Yohon has put Trip under his wing, teaching him the music game and managing him as well.  Trip has a few appearances on Yohon’s music but he is pushing his smash hit single called ( Just Don’t Know ) produced by hit producer Stoopid Beatz out on all platforms.  Trip also has a mixtape on the way and also a EP featuring his B4L gang that is said to have some bangers on it as well.  Keep your eyes and ears to the street and don’t lose focus on 1.5 Trip







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Angel sessions is no new comer to the music world! From thousands of views on Youtube with a growing fan base to match, Angel is becoming a singing sensation on a global scale. Soon a local venue will be a venue too small to hold this angel voiced beauty! With her newest single titled "missing you" that has just been released and is already the #9 Best Selling contemporary R&B on Amazon music, is a heart felt melodic yet sad dedication to her mother who has recently passed away. Angel once again makes it clear that she is a talented and relatable musical diva. Drop down below to read more on Angel Sessions, and stream "missing you" via Spotify.

It's not easy dealing with the lost of someone you love. Many people from around the world have lost that special person in their life. Angel Sessions has experienced this when she lost her mother, her aunt, and her close friend all this year in 2018.

Angel wrote this song about her mother Carolyn Ann Murphy who died of colon cancer on July 20th 2018. Angel quotes, " I've lost apart of me when I lost my mom. She was not only my mom, but also my close friend. She raised the 4 of us without our father in our lifes. My mom was my world. She even was the one who encourage me to become a professional singer. She always use to tell me that she was so proud of me and supported me though out my journey. I wrote this song Missing You in the loving memory of my mom. I'll aways hold her memory close to my heart for life."

Angel starts off in her lyrical song by saying, "This is so hard, but I'm missing you so much," "I'll never forget about you, "and "I'm missing you more" to express the true love she had and how much she misses her mother, as you are moved by her signature harmonies in the background. In the next set of verses, Angel sings about some of the personal moments she will miss and that she will never hear those words again. The music is written by Jeremy Christian aka Yan Banga and lyrics with vocal arrangements by Angel Sessions. Together, both Angel and Yan Banga wanted to make a statement in this new song that will reach and speak to the hearts of many music listeners.

Missing You the new single release on January 4th 2019 world-wide on all major online stores and streaming services is the anthem song for anyone who has lost someone special. The song is a mid-tempo sound that has a catchy hook. All vocals are recorded and arranged by Angel Sessions. The harmonies flow with a rich beautiful sound that will give the listeners a ear full.

Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC is excited to release this upcoming new song for the world to hear from the first lady of Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC. Angel encourages all of those who have recently lost someone, to be strong and don't give up.

ANGEL SESSIONS INTERVIEWED ON ITUNES RADIO > https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-culture-news/id1137009293?mt=2

For more about Angel Sessions, visit her website at http://www.angelsessions.com/






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Is Rapper Forever Fre$h Next Up?

Can you say "Haitian rapper that got the streets on lock" in Haitian Creole? No need to, Forever Fre$h not only says it for you but he shows you with his undeniable talent. From bangers like "Moonwalk" which gathered over 20,000 views on Youtube in under a week, to a fast growing online fan base, Fre$h continues to show you why he is truly the next best thing to hit the hip hop scenes. With a tall frame equipped with a baby face and a deep voice reminiscent of popular southern rapper Chamillionaire, this young up-and-comer delivers direct and lyrical bars that are "mumble free" in an era where mumble rappers have seemed to surface in alarming numbers. Stay tuned as Fre$h is letting the world know that 2019 is the year to pay close attention to his every move!




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The down south native seems to only be speeding things up in 2018! With back to back videos to back to back to mixtapes, Mr. Lee is kicking the music industry doors down! The motto "get money or die trying" stands true with this southern spitter as he shows no plans to slow down his ambition fueled grind anytime soon!  












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Texas artist AlbertLeeGME is no stranger to the grind required to conquer the music world, especially when in the shoes of an independent artist. With song after song and video after video, AlberLeeGME proves that he will be a force to be reckoned with as he keeps consistent with his craft. In his latest video titled "The Block Bumpin" which features up and coming artist GMEHoodlum, AlbertLeeGME keeps it simple yet energetic and street as most, if not all of the video takes place on, yes you guessed it, THE BLOCK! As the video has garnished thousands of views in a matter of days, fans eagerly await to see what is next in store!









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Matic M.A also known as Gwop Boy Matic has been causing quite the uproar on the independent music scene as he quietly makes his rise to the top. With songs like "All Deez Bands" which boasts over 100,000 streams on Spotify, Matic is determined to be a force to be reckoned with! Fans are currently awaiting the anticipated release of Matics newest project hosted by Dj Ruga Rell and Dj Rio set to drop this month!





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Raw, swag, dope and originality is some of the ways to describe Jay Ezra. She is unique with her style of rap, and flows though her lyrics that tells a story. Jay Ezra, the lady of lyrics signed to Atlas Elite Entertainment in 2018 is a amercian songwriter, singer and rap artist. She released her first single on SoundCloud with her first hit single intitled "My First Love" and the song can only be found of the SoundCloud platform. In the first few days it has over nine hundred thousand streams, and counting, since the release date on August 11th 2018. The new single is free for download for Jay Ezra's fans to give them something she wanted to share, while introducing herself to her new fans. Atlas Elite Entertainment is very proud of the buzz the single is creating for their new hip-hop artist. Angel Sessions, one of the founders of AEE saids, "Atlas Elite Entertaiment, Rodney Crews, Demetrius Guidry and myself, are so honored to have signed our new queen of Hip-Hop, Jay Ezra. She is super talented and has a passion and love for the music industry. I love her drive and the ability to deliver such great songs. We are looking forward to more great music from Jay Ezra." Jay Ezra is currently working on new material for the world to hear. But for now listen to "My First Love" and download it free to enjoy the sound of the lady of lyrics, Jay Ezra.



For more information visit Atlas Elite Entertainment at http://atlaseliteentertainment.com/

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Check out this new heat coming from the beautiful and talented Taina! Taina who is an artist underneath of the Sixcentz Records roster, drops her highly anticipated new single titled "Runaway" which features the lyrical assassin Chris Rivers who is also known as the son of the lengendary hip hop artist Big Pun! 




As dance/thearter major, Taina started dancing @ the age of 7 & specializes in Hip-Hop / Salsa dance music.  Taina was discovered by SixCentz while casted as the leading lady in the "Love n War" music video featuring Julio Mena & Grammy Award winning Hip-Hop artist Mr. Cheeks from the legendary group "Lost Boyz". 


After realizing Taina's musical talents, Taina was quickly recruited by SixCentz to record her debut single "Tonight" (Produced by Melody Monster Music, Mixed & Mastered by the legendary Mickey Garcia). The single & music video for "Tonight" was released under SixCentz on Monday, June 15th 2015 on www.TainaMusicNYC.com  & www.SixCentz.com, with several remixes. Taina's single  "Let Me Live" produced by "Jay Alams" was released on October 6th 2015 which quickly became an underground cult classic representing Womens Independance & a right to party.. Let Me Live was played by FM landline radio stations in New York, Texas, & New England, eventually hitting # 1 on WTCC 90.7fm / CPR's top 10 countdown on January of 2016 representing Springfield MA and New England.  

Taina's new EP "WORTH" features such artists as Big Pun's son Chris Rivers, Freestyle & Latin singer George Anthony & Underground HipHop Artist Urban Prodigy with production & work from The Santana Twins of Cutting Records, Latin & Freestyle Superstar George Lamond, Freestyle singer, producer & owner of Artistik Recordings WIllie Valentin & Artie Rodriguez was released in January of 2017. A mixed Genre EP, this project allowed Taina to be played on both pop, freestyle & hiphop FM radio stations all over the east coast & has allowed Taina to perform in pop, freestyle & hiphop shows nationwide. 

Taina followed up with a Remix of Higher produced by Angel Mena, which was a cross mix of Freestyle & Hip, this song was particulary special considering that this single was being played in both freestyle & hiphop FM stations. Taina's new maxi single entitled "11/22" was released in May 2018 as a free download. Taina has opened up for a numeration of chart topping artists & personalities such as: Judy Torres, Cynthia, George Lamond, Lumidee, Noel, TKA, Mr. Cheek (Lost Boyz) Pyscho Les (The Beatnuts), Cuban Link, Reina, Kim Sozzi, Keith Murray, Lumidee, Soave, Hot 97fm's DJ Enuff, Hot 97fm's  DJ Kast One, Coro, Johnny O, Nayobe, Fascination, C-Bank, Pretty Poison, The Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Lisette Melendez, Sal Abbatiello, 103.5fm's KTU radio personality Speedy & many more.


MR. CHEEKS (LOST BOYZ): Taina played the leading lady in the Julio Mena music video featuring Mr. Cheeks entitled "LOVE N WAR"

MICKEY GARCIA (MICMAC RECORDS): Mickey Garcia mixed & mastered Taina's debut record "TONIGHT"

GEORGE LAMOND: George Lamond & Taina collaborated with the creation of her song "TOXIC" which was featured on her "WORTH" ep.

THE SANTANA TWINZ (CUTTING RECORDS): The Santana Twinz produced "HIGHER" off the "WORTH" ep.

ARTIE RODRIGUEZ (ARTIE PRODUCTIONS): Artie recorded & mixed "RUNAWAY" off the "WORTH" ep.

ANGEL MENA (NSR): Angel Mena remixed Taina's track entitled Higher & was released as a single entitled HIGHER (NSR Remix)

WILLIE VALENTIN (ARTISTIK RECORDINGS): Willie Valentin has recorded, produced, mixed, mastered several of Taina's records & projects.

JAY ALAMS (JAY ALAMS MUSIC, BIG TRAXX): Jay Alam's has recorded, produced & remixed several tracks including her smash hit "LET ME LIVE"

CHRIS RIVERS: Chris Rivers & Taina collaborated on a duet entitled "RUNAWAY"  which was featured on her "WORTH" ep.

GEORGE ANTHONY: George Anthony & Taina collaborated on a duet entitled "TAKE ME AWAY" which was featured on her "WORTH" ep.

LUMIDEE: On June 24th, 2018, Taina served as a backup singer for "LUMIDEE" @ her 15th anniversary of her "ALMOST FAMOUS" album release.



CHINA MAC & CHRIS RIVERS: Taina is currently in production to collaborate an upcoming hip-hop feature entitled "HATERS".

LUMIDEE: Taina & Lumidee are currently in the process of writing & collaborating on a duet. (SONG NAME TO BE DETERMINED LATER)

HELL RELL: Taina will be collaborating on a duet entitled with hip-hop star Hell Rell on a hip-hop track (SONG NAME TO BE DETERMINED LATER)






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The wait is over! Angel Sessions new single "Your Love" is now available for downloading and streaming on all major online stores and streaming platforms. Fans of Angel have waited for this arrival. "Your Love" Is a beautiful urban Gospel ballad with a deep message of Love. Download it now and stream this amazing single by the first lady of Atlas Elite Entertainment, the legendary recording artist and songwriter, Angel Sessions.



Stream it here on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/61oAnlfrWrlMHRTgJKonZO







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Atak is back and this time he's back with a fire project titled "Siete Salsa" that captures the aspects of street life over melodic trap infused beats. Beyond the streets Atak also has some songs for the ladies such as "Geronimo." It's safe to say there something for everyone on this tape!  Check this project out now below!






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Atlanta rap artist Yohon Trotter teams up with Popular Dj Pretty Boy Tank of Dj Scream’s HoodRich djs to drop a new mixtape called “Trap Ambition” and word is it’s a classic!!!

Dj Pretty Boy Tank is most most know for his LiveMixtapes releases on Future, 2chain, and BankRoll Fresh.













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AV The Great & GasHouse Smitty drop "Be Okay" which has the online world on fire! with thousands upon thousands of views on Youtube, these two seem to be turning up the heat as we steadily creep into the middle of 2018!


Check out "Be Okay" from their highly anticipated project titled "Bunkin 101" available on Spinrilla now!






FOLLOW AV The Great & GasHouse Smitty:








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"Major Heat" is proving to be exactly just that as Franchi$e continues to embark on his journey to success. With rapid fire flows, a strong southern rooted background and trunk knocking beats to match, Franchi$e refuses to be your "one and done" online hip hop artist. Get use to the name; Franchi$e! Check out "Major Heat" Vol. 2 below! 




IG: @Boyyitsrichie

Twitter: @MrfranchiseEnt

Email: Soflyfranchise@gmail.com

Label: AMG (A-1 Music Group) Indie 


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Atlanta rap super star Yohon Trotter has a new single called “Louis” and it’s taking off!!!! It’s rumored to have a remix out with Jazze Pha on it floating around somewhere. Yohon’s last hit single was My Trap House featuring hip hop icons B.o.B and Jazze Pha.







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The first lady of Atlas Elite Entertainment, Angel Sessions presents her upcoming new single, "Your Love" written and vocal arrangements by Angel Sessions, Music by ll Gu Kang, Produced by Shardella Sessions. A breath taking urban gospel single coming to all online stores and streaming sites on Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC.








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As Dezzy Chamberland's online buzz continues to grow, so does his musical skill and ability! As Dezzy flaunts thousands of streams across major streaming platforms which include Spotify, Tidal and Google play, he continues his ascend into the harsh and competitive world of the music industry. While most artists struggle to make a name for themsleves, Mr. Chamberland seems to do so with ease.


Check out his newest single titled "Wild N Hurt" below which in a matter of 72 hours after its release, had already garnished thousands of views and response from eager fans.














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After the success of the hit album "The Evolution of Shardella" the princess of Atlas Elite Entertainment is not slowing down. Shardella Sessions is a American singer and songwriter. She's proven her self in the music industry with the release of her first album that peak at #1 and remain on the charts 13 weeks straight, on Amazon's US charts. Her hits singles from the album,"For Me (or Nahh) "Bump" "Let's Go" and "Love Brought Me To You" showed great progress peaking also on the top 100 R&B Contemporary charts in the US.



She pen 7 songs on the album and continues with a new single release she wrote entitled, "Vibe." This song features her mother, multi award winning urban Gospel recording artist and songwriter, Angel Sessions. The song has a smooth sound to it and talks about not given up, not allowing the haters to stand in your way, and keep grinding to succeed in your goals you are reaching for. Shardella Sessions thrives to be the best as a recording artist and songwriter. She wants her fans of her young generation and older to know you can do it and succeed when you work hard and focus on what you do best. The single will be release worldwide March 16th 2018 on Atlas Elite Entertainment and on online stores such as Amazon, ITunes, Google play, and streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and much more. "You can expect to hear some real sweet harmonies and telling it like it is lyrics, saids Angel. I"m so honored to be singing a duet with my beautiful daughter Shardella. She's come along ways since she began singing at 11 years old. She's a wonderful songwriter as well as a singer and I believe others will feel the same when they here this record." Get ready to Vibe with this amazing new single by Shardella Sessions.




For more infomation http://atlaseliteentertainment.com/

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