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H.N.I.C Mixtapes posted a blog post
Angel sessions is no new comer to the music world! From thousands of views on Youtube with a growing fan base to match, Angel is becoming a singing sensation on a global scale. Soon a local venue will be a venue too small to hold this angel voiced b…
Jan 5
H.N.I.C Mixtapes posted a blog post
Can you say "Haitian rapper that got the streets on lock" in Haitian Creole? No need to, Forever Fre$h not only says it for you but he shows you with his undeniable talent. From bangers like "Moonwalk" which gathered over 20,000 views on Youtube in…
Jan 2
H.N.I.C Mixtapes posted a blog post
The down south native seems to only be speeding things up in 2018! With back to back videos to back to back to mixtapes, Mr. Lee is kicking the music industry doors down! The motto "get money or die trying" stands true with this southern spitter as…
Oct 26, 2018
H.N.I.C Mixtapes posted a blog post
Texas artist AlbertLeeGME is no stranger to the grind required to conquer the music world, especially when in the shoes of an independent artist. With song after song and video after video, AlberLeeGME proves that he will be a force to be reckoned w…
Oct 17, 2018

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