Marcus Singleton New Album Chemistry

Marcus Singleton
"Too Good To Be True"

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Los Angeles Hip-Hop Soul artist Marcus Singleton is a multi-faceted musician whose latest album, Chemistry, showcases the multi-genre fluency with which he was raised. As the son of a professional touring guitarist, Marcus was exposed to everything from Jazz Fusion to Gospel and Reggae at a young age. Developing an ear for live instrumentation as a child, he idolizes the dynamism of artists like Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, and Earth, Wind & Fire - artists whose musical fingerprints can be found in Marcus’ own work. Far from referential, Marcus’ approach to production is as innovative as it is nostalgic, with live flute, saxophone, violin, bass, guitar, and keyboards merging with Hip-Hop Soul beats. Lamenting the saturation of 808s, hi-hats, and drug references in today’s popular music, Marcus aims to embrace the groove and substance of prior generations with the more contemporary stylings of artists like Common and Musiq Soulchild.

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Los Angeles, California’s Marcus Singleton has released Chemistry, an album which blends together many elements to create a sound that is entirely unique, though rooted in the rich musical history of those who experimented with sounds of the past. With the LP, Marcus aims to highlight both the metaphorical and literal interpretations of chemistry, applying the concepts of attraction and reaction to creativity and artistry. “Chemistry is something that one can not inhibit,” explains Marcus. “It is something that can not be forced, and it is also something that is profoundly routed in physical attraction. It not necessarily sexual, but through the progression of the music you understand that the impulse of wanting to be with someone is something that is intuitive and natural.”

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