2019 (13)

Human Canvas Magazine - Issue #59

Meet The Models
What were you doing in life six years ago?
What do you have planned with your brand in the next six years?

Ashlyn Marie: I was in high school at the time.
Ashlyn Marie: Becoming a better aspiring model.
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Lady Lace 7: I was just focused on my career of selling Granite & Quartz countertops....since then i have been doing the same career but now following my dreams of becoming a model to help inspire women and others!
Lady Lace 7: The next six year's im planning on expanding what i do with modeling to be a motivational speaker…

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Human Canvas Magazine - Issue #58

Space, The Final Frontier! Welcome to our first Galatic Edition of Human Canvas Magazine! We have packed this issue with not only great models, but great editorials as well! Human Canvas Magazine is a body art magazine that showcases different themed concepts issue after issue!
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