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Blood Bruddas On The Come Up!

With a booming new single out titled "Famous" and some brand new upcoming fame to go hand in hand with the songs title, Blood Bruddas seem to have the perfect formula for the new online age of music! The young duo dropped Famous on Youtube in in July

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Adult Tea "Introducing sex toys"

Adult tea "Toys in the bedroom"

How do you introduce toys in the bedroom? Do you and your partner see eye to eye on what pleasures you both?

Whether you want to bring the spice back or ready to explore something new, introducing a toy to the bedroom ca

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Model Tea - Common Courtesy

This is just my opinion on thoughts we as models should do to help others out. Like, Comment and share your thoughts or opinions on other models work. Show love and credit to each other. Help and support and follow others models u are anaware of and

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