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Chicks and Kicks!


Lately I have been getting into sneaker cause previously you couldn't pay me to wear anything other than my 6' heels, but I think I'm having a love affair with sneakers! These Adidas are custom designed by Teyana Taylor of Good Music and are set to b

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On The 14th/2nd Day Of Christmas!!


And On The 14th/2nd Day Of ChristMas Jon Oh Gave To Thee, Two Major Magazine Features!! Although there are many People who Have Took  Notice of Me, and more taking notice everyday,  There's Still Tons of People Who Have Yet To Know Who Jon Oh is,w

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On The 6th Day Of ChristMas

     And On The 6th Day of ChristMas I Gave You 25 of the Best Quotes From the Cult Classic "Fear-N-Loathing in Las Vegas"!!!.  But this clip not only gives you 25 of the Best Moments in the movie, but also gives you more of a feel for "Dance Party"

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