Worst Christmas Ever

Worst Christmas Ever

Well once again we're here.  That wonderful time of year where everyone digs as deep as needed to bring out that holiday cheer.  Lots of good eating, even better moments and most importantly of all, lots of love from family & friends.   All of these spectacular things, yet every year, someone somewhere, has their perfect plans ruined by natural laws of nature.  Everyone whose ever graduated high school,(or are at least 18 years of age) has that awkward/bad/funny/horrible/terrible Christmas story.  Me being a Christmas baby decided that I'll tell mine first and let you guys comment below with yours....

So the nintendo 64 had came and was about to go, but it still had one good year left before newer tech like the PS2 and Dreamcast came along...

Jon Oh-No-Condom Blog-Worst-Christmas-Ever-Playstation-2 8

With it being the holiday season game developers gave one last effort to push the aging systems to their limit while raking in some quick cash, which resulted in lackluster games that were sold at cheaper prices than the blockbusters of that summer & before.  Now as a kid you had no awareness of this even though you had all the facts, as well as video game review sources.

Jon Oh-No-Condom Blog-Worst-Christmas-Ever-Electronic-Gamer-Monthly

Being that I was a die-hard wrestling fan,  any game that the WCW or WWF put out, I had to get it.  This particular year my favorite sport game developer (Electronic Arts) was in control of a wrestling game for a change and I thought, man, if other developers made great wrestling games this one (EA*) is gonna be groundbreaking!  The name of the game I'm talking about is WCW's Backstage Assault....and now that I hear the name back it sounds like a dirty,rape role-play porno.  So of course its terrible but I didn't know!  The gameplay and stills looked nice.....

Jon Oh-No-Condom Blog-Worst-Christmas-Ever-EA-Sports-Backstge-Assault-4Jon Oh-No-Condom Blog-Worst-Christmas-Ever-EA-Sports-Backstge-Assault-3

And as I stated earlier this was in 2000 so that was decent, nothing too far from the norm.  Now of course I beg for this game until the day arrives.  I search frantically for it, but nothing?  All clothes and another game I had asked for but not this one.  Sooooo I gets to moping, complaining about how I only asked for one thing in particular, and how its my birthday, I should at least get something I want, everyone else got what they wanted, and other rants like that.  About half the day goes by in this manner until my mother says you should check all your boxes.  Hope's light shimmered back in my mind and I rushed to open my unopened gifts and what'd ya know?  There it is, in its shiny new package "WCW Backstage Assault"Jon Oh-No-Condom Blog-Worst-Christmas-Ever-EA-Sports-Backstge-Assault-Cover Jon Oh-No-Condom Blog-Worst-Christmas-Ever-EA-Sports-Backstge-Assault-Back-Cover

Now to make a short story shorter, I rush to play the game and it sucks! A wrestling game with no wrestling ring! Now as I stated before, video game reviews were accessible, but I liked to play the game first to compare my review to it; but of course it matched!

Jon Oh-No-Condom Blog-Worst-Christmas-Ever-EA-Sports-Backstge-Assault-Nintendo-Power-Review

So needless to say, #thedisappointmentwasreal. I had waited half the year at least for that...mockery of a wrestling game to come out and now I had to live with that decision until I could get a new game...which could take months.  Easily one of Worst Christmas' Ever!

GamePlay Footage

So whats your worst Christmas story???

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  • Worst Christmas Story was my little sister accidentally finding out there was no Santa. This was because my siblings and I found secret gifts in a cabinet we had never went to. We only opened that cabinet because it was a boring day in the house and we said why does no one ever use this cabinet.
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