Word is Bond!

In this industry all you have is your word. Starting out in the modeling business you don't have much to show for your work ethic or your dedication other than your WORD. I'm saying this to say... When you say that your are going to do something...DO IT! and everyone understands that emergencies happen, but at the same time FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE LASTING IMPPRESIONS! Try to avoid Canceling on first appearances it never looks good and people are always weary on ever working with you again when it happens. Also the industry is Big, but small at the same time. Everybody knows everybody, so just cause you cancelled on that beginning photographer doesn't mean he isn't shadowing a Brand Name photographer who now knows you as being FLACKY!  I am just sharing what I have learned from experience, you make yourself look bad and the person that your representing. The title "Model" is already watered down and over used by people who don't have a passion for the work so as a Aspiring Model lets not add to the negativity.

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