What does your social media say about you?

Social media is a really big part of establishing a successful career as a model in this day and age. Your social media platform as a model is considered an online portfolio to a certain extent, so you want to make sure that it is up to par.

#1 You want your social media handles to be the same across all social channels (i.e. instagram, twitter, etc.)- this allows people interested in your work to be able to find you easily, also it looks more professional.

#2 You want to be consistent in the content that you post on your page. Whatever you have written in your bio should be illustrated in your first six images. One shouldn’t have to scroll through your profile to reach the conclusion that you are a model or whatever your profession is.

#3 Quality vs. Quantity- We are all excited after a photo shoot and want to show our supporters our new work, however you want to be sure the images are ready to be seen. Be sure that the edited image is up to your standard quality before posting. There is nothing wrong with posting a behind the scene picture or video but keep them to a limit and use them as tease for what is to come.

#4 MY PET PEEVE- “ PRIVATE PROFILE” - one thing I don’t and will never try and understand is how you represent yourself as a “Public figure” “Business” and have a private platform. How can someone see if they want to work with you, but have to wait until you approve them to even check you out. By the time you approve a potential booking you have possibly already been replaced. TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!

These are some bare basic social media guidelines that I think are necessary to establish a professional profile on any social media platform. Until next time... Xoxo, Angela

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