TweetWars: Kid Cudi vs Lupe Fiasco

TweetWars: Kid Cudi vs Lupe Fiasco

     Like any other typical blogger I spend my free time scrolling aimlessly thru different social media sites, not looking for anything in particular, just making sure I stay in tune with the digital world.  Last night I found myself in for quite a treat when XXL Mag shared their latest story with me.  Apparently Lupe Fiasco & Kid Cudi have been having indifferences for some months now going tit for tat via Twitter.  By now almost everyone has heard Kendrick Lamar's statement about how he felt towards the events in Ferguson


and naturally(as with anything said by entertainers now-a-days) it rubbed alot of folk the wrong way, one being my boi Kid Cudi.  After hearing/reading the comment, Cudi took to Twitter, tweeting:

"dear black artists, don't talk down on the black community like you are Gods gift to niggaz everywhere"


"If you wanna help, inspire, uplift, dont point the blame, and talk down".

Lupe Fiasco, (who says he's been trying to get at Cudi for some months now over a tweet about him being a swindler)

 quickly sprang into action replying to Cudder's tweet with a few of his own, as well as a couple of pics that showed a less-conscious Wizard than we're used to seeing...

Now from the look of the tweets, you'd think that Lupe had won the battle for the day at least, but we all (should) know Wizards' are known to keep a trick or two up their sleeve.  Instead of going back to the Twitter beef with anger & malice, Cudder combined his love & humor to create a tweet I found so funny I'll probably be laughing about it for the next couple of months:

Now if you don't find that the funniest tweet of 2015 so far you got some serious probz with your laugh box.  I'm not sure if I find more humor in the Poope' Fiasco moniker or the way Cudi put the icing on the cake with the taunting "haha dweeb".  Maybe I find it so funny cause I thought I was the only one who still used words like that & found them amusing.  All in all though I hope they get past their differences and become acquaintences again, I'd love to hear some music from them as a duo...or imagine Cudi, K Dot, & Lupe all on one track...#Magical



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