The #FollowFriday Dusk Report - Friday 11/5

The Point of The #followfriday Dusk Report is to take #FF to another level. We get badgered every Friday on our timelines saying follow this person, but see no results. People are more likely to follow a person if they have a reason to connect with them. This will help start a trend for people to not just do another #followfriday but one with quality.

@annmariefox1 - Recently on VH1's "Dance Cam Slam", Ann Marie Fox is a triple threat (acting, singing, dancing) who is very charismatic and very professional. For more on Ann Marie Fox check her out at

@PradaSwag - Prada is making noise in the entertainment industry. Not only is she a very attractive model, but she hit the scene with her single "Prada Swag" which is getting her booked throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas just to name a few. Support her album "Unpredictable Swag"

@ComicStevieMack - Stevie Mack is a all-round comedian who connects with people from ages 2 to 102. Stevie Mack was recently crowned The Champs of VH1's Premiere Episode of "Dance Cam Slam" with The Chocolate Chip Dancers. Check out everything going with him including podcast from his hit radio show STEVIE MACK RADIO™ at

@CourtneeMason - Recently on VH1's "You're Cut Off", Courtnee is making her mark on Television as well as The Fashion World. She is currently in the running for 2011 People Choice's Award for Miss Black North Carolina. Vote Miss Black Charlotte USA at

@dadeputy - Texas Artist Da Deputy went through a lot of issues in his life, but still puts fun and realness into his music. His single "Go Hard" which landed on Life After Dusk Live is on his mixtape project "In Due Time

@FlosikkGP5 - 1/3 of East Coast Music Group G.P.S. and helps keep his fellow group members motivated. His single "Crazy In The Club" keeps Life After Dusk Live 24/7 rocking hard. Check out his recent freestyle to Above It All at

@TheRealELangham - A mogul who is setting trends in the entertainment industry, Elizabeth Langham is an artist who gets it and will not settle for just one genre. Her single "Love Song", which was debuted on Life After Dusk Live this week before any other station. Keep up with this ahead of her time artist at

@Mzlollipop22 - Model of Militant Clic, Mz Lollipop has been doing a little bit of everything. Mz Lollipop is in a recent copy of Florida Finest Magazine with a 4-Page Spread. Keep with her as she is in the running for New Nuvo Spokesmodel as the voting site is under construction. Check her out as a Honey of Hood Academy at

@THullaby - Half Amazing and Half Innovative, T Hullaby has been making noise all through the South and now through the rest of the country with her music. T Hullaby has been working on The T Hullaby Project and got chosen to be on upcoming project Global Attack Series through Island Def Jam. Keep up with her at

@SIXXFIGGAZ - one of the hardest working rappers in The West Coast, SIXX FIGGAZ is putting out an array of styles in his musical portfolio. SIXX FIGGAZ is working hard to give people hot new track or mixtape to listen to every Tuesday. Keep up with all his projects at

That concludes the First Friday of The #followfriday Dusk Report which keeps you up with Tweeters who aren't just another Twitter Page, but people who are great at networking and their crafts. This is @CeddyJDusk reminding you "Where There's A J, Through God There Is A Way".

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Ceddy J is responsible for everything that pertains to internet radio show Life After Dusk Live which is now a part of After Dusk Media. The focus of Ceddy J is to empower upcoming leaders of entertainment industry and those who cater to them through design, promotion, and anything of the sort to bring new ideas to the industry. By these individuals doing so Ceddy J helps promote them on his radio show and various other outlets of After Dusk Media and The Dusk Spot.

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