The #FollowFriday Dusk Report - Friday 11/12

The Point of The #followfriday Dusk Report is to take #FF to another level. We get badgered every Friday on our timelines saying follow this person, but see no results. People are more likely to follow a person if they have a reason to connect with them. This will help start a trend for people to not just do another #followfriday but one with quality.

@thacuzsins - Hailing All The Way From Fort Worth, TX aka Funkytown, The Cuzsins are a rap group who are bringing their twist to Country Rap Tunes. All though they might be independent, they have international love, including DJ Bankrupt from Canada and LG From The Bay on crucial mixtape placements. You can find more of The Cuzsins music at

@iHateUJody_ - One of the smoothest brothers from The DMV, Jody has played a great part on some of the growth of The Dusk Spot. He created a room on tinychat called famousholic and was successful most of the time because of how chill he is. He also shows a lot of love to his followers on Twitter giving them words of encouragement or a good laugh. Check out his blog at

@MissAriesENT - From PR to Event Planning, Miss Ashley Jones whose company is Aries Ent is great at her craft. A lot of her clients hail from Dallas, which is a movement in music starting to get the respect it's been working towards for a while. Some of her artists she represents are The Jett Show, Ace Mitch, and Core DJ's DJ ASAP. Check out some of the PR she is putting out at

@FABModaOfficial - FabModa Amore' is a diligent woman who doesn't play about the entertainment/fashion industry. FabModa Amore' has a niche for getting things done and if you approach her right she will have your back like a Louie Vuitton Bag. Check out some what's new on FabModa Amore's Fashion Designs and where she will be hitting the scene with her extraordinary beauty at

@NHCBBA - If You're A Fan of #TeamBlackBerry then you will definitely love this company NHCBBA (Night Hawk Computers BlackBerry Alliance), which keeps you informed on everything RIM (Research In Motion) has up their sleeves and great deals on BlackBerry Hardware and Accessories. Check Out What's New at

@MsRareBreed - I could some Ms RareBreed up in two words Media Mogul. Music, modeling, and media personality, she has done it all and puts her all into anything she does. Her two hit singles "Addicted" and "Walk Like I Walk" give people something to vibe hard to while feeling empowered. Check out everything that is Ms RareBreed at

@nickhogan4real - Son of Superstar Hulk Hogan and co-star on VH1's "Hogan Knows Best", Nick Hogan is making a lot of moves and changes. He is now honing into his passion to be a DJ with Partner in Crime DJ PM. He also has become one of the frontrunners for a group called KIOTT (Keep It On The Track) which is a safe driving initiative that educates Americans on consequences of illegal street races, driving without a seatbelt, and driving while intoxicated. Check out more on this organization at

@THEJETTSHOW - The Jett has a name that speaks for itself when it comes to his music. Everytime he puts out a track he elevates to the next level and though from Dallas, can't be labeled as just an artist from Dallas. His hit single Leggoo (Jump Stupid Fresh) and Upcoming Mixtape Project "The In Crowd" are two great examples of why you should buckle your seatbelts on this flight of great music. Check out links for downloads and some of the press on The Jett at

@RedShaydez1 - Boston is known for their beans, sports teams, and soon Red Shaydez. Red Shaydez is one the most humble and respected artists in the game. She is a female artist but if you put her head to head against a lot of males in the game then she will leave them with a broke face. She has recently gotten placement on a mixtape project hosted by MC Lyte. Cope her new single "Bad News" at

@KodakGraphix - Probably Considered to Be in The Top 10 Best Graphic Designers in The World, Kodak Graphix is a woman who takes her client's idea for a design and takes it to the next level. She has worked with a list of celebrities and is known for her 24 Hour Turnaround Service. Check Out Some of Her Designs, Place An Order, and Her Photography Company at

That concludes the First Friday of The #followfriday Dusk Report which keeps you up with Tweeters who aren't just another Twitter Page, but people who are great at networking and their crafts. This is @CeddyJDusk reminding you "Where There's A J, Through God There Is A Way"

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Ceddy J is responsible for everything that pertains to internet radio show Life After Dusk Live which is now a part of After Dusk Media. The focus of Ceddy J is to empower upcoming leaders of entertainment industry and those who cater to them through design, promotion, and anything of the sort to bring new ideas to the industry. By these individuals doing so Ceddy J helps promote them on his radio show and various other outlets of After Dusk Media and The Dusk Spot.

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