Its Lala Madness of "The Lala Madness Fierce Review" (blogger, vlogger, and host) here to do what I do best....promote unsigned independent music artist. I was the co-owner of That's Madness Radio a few years ago and now I just launched a new station called "Lala's House of Madness". Just like your mission is to be heard my mission has always been to support, promote, and elevate unsigned/independent music artist.

I am accepting new music NOW from all genres (no exclusions)

What's In It For You

*FREE rotation. There is never a charge to play your music
*The station is accessible via the website or Krykey App (search by station number 93.2 or station name)
*FREE promotion of your music via tweets and reviewed live by Lala Madness
*Most importantly the opportunity to promote yourself and your brand.

What You Need To Do

*Email (up to) 3 of your best songs (or contact @LalaMadness)
*Submit in MP3 format with the properties filled in (within the file)
*Include your Instagram and/or Twitter handle for proper credit and shout outs

If you want to know what the shows hosted by Lala Madness will be like check out my YouTube videos or SoundCloud audio. Just search Lala Madness on both. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be playing your music soon.

-Lala Madness

Krykey Station 93.2


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