So you want to get PAID!!!

There are so many people who are  models in the year of 2018, from professionally trained to self proclaimed. Some will define a real model as one who is compensated for their modeling work. So my question is are you worthy of being paid?

As a online store owner I am constantly looking for models to grace my platform, and often reach out to new models to give them an opportunity in the industry. The first question I am often asked is,” How much are you paying.” As a model I understand the need and want to be paid, and I also know the quality in which is worth investing. I usually follow with my payment rate and request a portfolio and resume and never hear from these ladies again. (Not a good look)

All that was to say, ‘ WHAT DOES YOUR RESUME SAY YOUR’RE WORTH.” The average model is paid $125 per hour with a minimum of two hour booking. Can you honestly look through your model resume and say you’re worth it? Your portfolio and your resume are your money. It is the same as applying for a job. When applying for a job you list all your past experience and wonderful qualities that you have to offer, so make sure that your modeling resume is just as appealing and matches what you are requesting in payment for your services. You don’t want to be the girl who has awfully edited images, no experience, and cant pose that ask for compensation that you’re not yet worth. When you are compensated for a shoot I guarantee you that you are expected to get up there and need little to no coaching on posing and facial expressions.

Before asking for compensation for a project that I have been presented with I ask myself these questions:

1. What can I do for this photographer that he can’t get anywhere else?

2. Do I currently have any expertise in this style of modeling?

3. Is this something beneficial to my resume and portfolio?

I always ask myself these questions to simply determine if its even worth it. You have to be very specific when asking for compensation, because you can opt for money but miss rights to your images so always read your contracts before signing. I am not saying don’t ask for pay, but make sure you INVEST IN YOURSELF BEFORE YOU ASK SOMEONE TO INVEST IN YOU,  because if you’re not worth it to you why would you be to someone else. You want your resume to speak before you are even contacted, so make sure you’re ready. The model resume can be complicated for some to put together and if you need help I am here.


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  • Some holler at rates and never had professional work.
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