So you want to be a video vixen?

Hello Dusk Spot family, it’s been a minute since my last blog post, but I have been asked several times recently on how to become a vixen model. Although I don’t consider myself a vixen model I have crossed paths and worked alongside a few to provide you with advice in the field. Although there are many genres of modeling they are still all very similar in getting the attention you need to create a name for yourself in the field.

First things first: PORTFOLIO and COMP CARDS; I can not express enough how important your portfolio is when trying to get into any field of modeling. It’s the same as your resume when applying for a job. If you don’t have a portfolio get one. Get on model mayhem, instagram, or find a local photography program in your area that you can barter services with. If your skills in beneficial to the photographer then bartering your services to not only create your portfolio but allow the photographer to build his portfolio. These images need to coincide with your “vixen” image. Things of popularity are lingerie or high end sexy, but please keep these Tasteful! 

Next, Relationships: if you haven’t figured it out yet Modeling is not only about what you know but WHO you know. I can’t tell you how many people call asking to recommend a model or experiences with previously working with a model. When you are out at an event ALWAYS have 2 things COMP CARDS and a POSITIVE ATTTUDE. I am not saying that you have to smile at every person who approaches you, but you do want to keep positive attitude no matter who approaches you, because you never know who is approaching you. And these are tips in regards to industry events, because the fact is you need to be in places surrounded by people in the field that you’re trying to get into.  Face the fact that you will be socializing with a lot of men but still understand that you have to be able to demand respect, but still be accessible. I also recommend linking with other models, the benefits of linking with other models is they may know about a casting, event, or shoots that aren’t widely posted and can invite you personally so keep that in mind. Although these relationships are often built in an unprofessional setting still carry yourself as a professional. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS,AND DON’T COMPROMISE YOUR MORALS. Most importantly BE YOURSELF!

Finally, Once you get an opportunity CAPITALIZE on it: The work that has to be put into even getting noticed to become a vixen model is far more than enough to not take full advantage of the opportunity. So you’ve been booked or invited to set. The ultimate goal is to show you’re needed in every shot possible. Arrive on time. (Early) and ready to work ( hair, make-up, outfit) everything already on and ready, that puts you one step ahead. If you have access to the song being shot listen and think/practice what you want to do when its your turn.  DO NOT be a DIVA, that is the easiest way to never get invited back. But be open to try new things and always remain “teachable” but again never comprise your morals. 

As always I am glad to share my little tidbits of information and I hope that you can find it beneficial, if you ahave an questions or topic ideas leave them in the comments or feel free to send me a direct message. Until next time...


XOXO Angela

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XoXo Angela

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