Posing 101

A very important aspect of modeling is POSING! If you want to be recognized as a model you need to be able to pose as one. Clink Posing 101 to check out some of the beginning model do’s and don’ts. When addressing posing I like to start with the simpler poses that are more common before going into more complex poses and genre of modeling. This ebook was created by myself and another model colleague in efforts to help some of our beginning models correct some of the everyday mistakes they make when posing. So use click  “Posing 101” and check out our ebook. Feel free to leave feedback and questions here in the comments section. Posing 101

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  • Awesome read
    • Thank you
  • I gave this a read and was thoroughly impressed. Sometimes I break stuff down in a non simplied matter. This will help me do so.
  • I will be giving this ebook a read today!
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