On The 4th Day Of X-Mas!!

     And on The 4th day of X-MasJon Oh gave you a Skrait Raw Azz Vizual to get you in the correct mind Frame For "Dance Party" the Video!!!  I saw this for the first time yesterday, and All I Could Think of was "Dance Party!!!".  From the psychadelic feel, to the phantasm, to the way they got Wasted!!!Of Course I had to Share it With you guys, and hopefully get you as Fired Up, and Excited as I am.  Enjoy!!!!

PS:  DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!

Dance Party!!!(SONG)

(This is the 4th in a set of Multimedia Blog Posts, that counts down the days until X-MAS, which is also My BDay, and The WORLD PREMIERE OF DANCE PARTY!!!! THE VIDEO

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Jon Oh! is an indie hip hop artist established in Charleston, South Carolina around the start of 2012. Branding himself as Mr. No Condom, he dedicates his being as a symbol of freewill and reflects this in his music. He encourages others to become more in tune with their inner self through following natural intuition.

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