On The 13th/1st Day Of Christmas...And Some Christmas Tree!


     And On the 13th Day of Christmas Jon Oh gives to Thee, apologies, and some Christmas Tree.  I know everyone's Been Wondering. Where Was Their "Day Of ChristMas" post, but don't fret I'm Alright.  1st, It occured to me the fact that the "Days Of CHristmas SOng is Only 12 Days, which is Kind of Stupid to Me, and  and I won't go to deep into it; and then SomeOne Asks Me "What Am I Doing with My Final Days?  I Thought They were referring to My "Dance Party!!" Countdown but They weren't they were referring To A Theory that the world will end on the 21st???  Do They Havve Any Idea, How Much WORK I'm putting Into THis Dance Party Sh!t for People to want to say the world is gonna end 4 days before it happens???  Really GRINDED MY GEARS!!  So I Reached For the We..Medication, and Calmed Down.  Everything Will Be ALright.  Your Young lol :p.  AnyWays I Apologize for the Absence, Everything Will Proceed As Planned, But Now We're Actually On Track With The "Real 12 Days of Christmas Song" & Less From Two Weeks Away from "Dance Party The Video!!!  And If you guys are Nice I'll be releasing a Preview Vid in the next couple of Days Yeaaaa

PS:Dance PArty By Yo MuthaFuggin Self Its Cool!!!

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Jon Oh! is an indie hip hop artist established in Charleston, South Carolina around the start of 2012. Branding himself as Mr. No Condom, he dedicates his being as a symbol of freewill and reflects this in his music. He encourages others to become more in tune with their inner self through following natural intuition.

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