ODE to the SINGLE MOM Rapper!

To write or to sleep?? or maybe just complain to total strangers how I am feeling. I wanna write....i feel like I have  a killer 16 in my cranium. My body says otherwise! Bitch! GO TO SLEEP.....no write a 16....write a 16....WRITE A 16!11


The kids have a field trip in the morning....FUCK! Pack lunches....do we have bottle waters? oh man the horror.  Anderson Paak on the radio....thoughts of making it big and having my children on stage with me as I recieve my awards.....yes more than one BOO BOO! I am DOPE AF! being a mommy fights with being a MC. I was ALWAYS AND STILL a MC . But being a mommy is the best EVER! 

Lay down for 2 hours.......shidddddddd....who you fooling??!!


Night Night



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Kula Voncille

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