Ceddy J: Welcome to the High Five Veronika, and congrats for you being the March STAR of The Month! What keeps you constantly motivated to be highly active on The Dusk Spot and what makes you Ms Vixen?

Veronika Denis: Thank you. What makes me MsVix3n is my beauty, Ambition, Motivation, Classy, Confident, Fine, Young and talented.

Ceddy J: You always keep us guessing on what's next with your photoshoot choices, how do you keep your ideas so fresh?

Veronika Denis: I just like to be creative, unique and always try new and different things. I'm very flexible and comfortable with my body. I love the camera, I love fashion and hot poses. I love being infront of a camera. Me in front of a camera is similar to vogue. I switch from position to position.

Ceddy J: Not only have you staked a claim for modeling on The Dusk Spot, but you also dance/twerk, how do you get yourself crunk to do those videos?

Veronika Denis: Well I've been dancing since the age of 6. I love dancing. All types of different dance styles I can do it when I put my mind to it. Twerking is fun to me, It's just something I like to do for fun. There are tons of different ways I express my personality.

Ceddy J: It looks Boston is trying to slowly take over The Dusk Spot which for a while it was just the beautiful femcee Red Shaydez (I'm love with the city and can't wait to visit again), how is the city with the entertainment industry through your eyes?

Veronika Denis: The city with the entertainment is pretty good. People out here really love to do it all. Dance, Party, Sing, Rap, Write, Act, Model, Fashion design, Dj, Produce & so much more.  We have fun but we are also productive and successful.

Ceddy J: What can we expect from you for the month of April?

Veronika Denis: You can really expect more diversity from me. More professionalism. And also more experiences.

Ceddy J: Thank you for your time and once again congrats on being the February STAR of The Month!

Veronika Denis: Thank you again for having me

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