Living a Creative Life:

How do you live a creative life? For one to be creative you have to try. Fear of being wrong distorts our vision and hinders us from developing new ideas. Even once a new idea is formed, doubt can set in causing over-thinking which distracts us from productivity. How many times have you stopped doing something because a thought popped up and created a barrier that paused your progress? Our objective should align with our desired end result.

How? Ideas are not seen in the physical world, but in a thought process that stimulates action to create a certain reality. Fear creates this prison where our doubts and negative thoughts become the norm. This new “standard” is then mirrored by the actions we take afterwards showing how were thinking. Our mind is a sponge recycling information, images, and sounds processed every second of the day.

The principle of our thoughts initiates a systematic control that is inspired by either a “I can” or “I cannot” thinking process. The root word “create” from the 15th century is defined as: to make or produce (something) : to cause (something new) to exist. The question we should be asking ourselves daily is, “what am I doing new?”

Power is control, influence, authority, and an effect to distribute what is already inside. Fear is the most dangerous mindset to live in. Once you find yourself in that boxed-in reality, you lose your ability to create. Your image is then blurred. Don’t allow fear to paralyze your creative process.

We all are wrong at one point of our lives, the ultimate test is the ability to redefine our outcome by forming a new habit. Moving is constant, the only change is in our approach. Lose the fear of anything that blurs the life you envision to live, and begin living with clarity by doing something new.

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