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  I want to thank everyone for an amazing last few months. In the process of starting back blogging and music, I decided to do it a little differently. In 2012 I was only writing blogs, interviewing, and hosting the radio. After many request in 2018 to start blogging turned into request for the radio station and to submit music, I decided to do it again. Playing independent artist music on internet radio along with waiting to see what I have to say next has always been the ONLY way to start again. My shows and blogs always had you waiting to see what I would say or the next topic of discussion. A few things are different now, including me. If you only knew (which I am sure you do) the growth and experiences that can happen in a "grown ups" life. Of course, there are a few things I would change here and there, my overall experience I wouldn't trade it for anything. It may sound a bit crazy (I'm known for that from time to time anyway), but my experiences are what made me the Lala Madness I have always been. Then I wouldn't have anything to talk about now would I. I have built great relationships, met many great people, shared great moments, shared knowledge, played some good music, received letters and emails on the careers of many who I gave a chance to in 2012 that are now doing their thing, and learned the industry in and out. I want to congratulate the artist that promote(d) their craft and continue to grow and shine. Every year is your year so never stop until you get where you want to go. Still don't limit yourself because there is always higher than where you are.


  I loved it because I understood what it was like to be an artist sharing your craft with the masses. No matter how much studying the demographics and determining your audience paperwork stuff you do, it only applies in certain areas. You put yourself out there and learn your audience by who is tuning in, who is commenting, where did your new follow or like came from. Those are the hands on things that lets you know where your audience is. A brick and mortar location services a local area unless they ship goods nationally. An artist is never a brick and mortar location so they are not forced to fit into or service a certain group, no limits. With the new reinvention of the show I have decided to touch several areas. Not all will be the infamous "Classic or Rachet" topics you are used to or music only. The new direction of the "Fierce Review" covers current events, news, self help topics, general knowledge, and more. My random rants and topics that are of interest to me can be found in my "Moments of Madness" series. There are pleny of episodes to catch up on in both series if you've missed it. The radio station is now "Lala's House of Madness" on Krykey platform station or by visiting the website


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