Kwanzaa - Reflecting On Seven Principles

Kwanzaa, which starts every December 26th and ends January 1st is a celebration mainly observed by by African Americans and other communities of the African diaspora. Everyday celebrates African culture, gift-giving, and highlighting different principles. In celebration of the week long celebration, I have connected my own personal experiences to each principle to encourage personal growth.

Umoja (unity): I will continue to find ways to strengthen bonds with family, friends, and business associates.

Kujichagulia (self-determination): As I reflect on every facet of my brand I remember where I was at the beginning stages. Nothing was easy and that only made me strive that much harder. Don't give up people!

Ujima (collective work): I want be involved in more ways to use my business pay it forward more this year.

Ujamaa (cooperative economics): I am researching more ways to do business with other black owned businesses to allow for multiple Black owned businesses to be successful simultaneously.

Nia (purpose): Not only do I want my talents to be utilized towards complete projects, but I want to work with more people who are serious about their craft not "just doing it just to be doing it."

Kuumba (creativity): I want to think even further outside of the box to keep people captivated by my work.

Imani (faith): I believe I will excel several levels past my pinnacle of last year, because of trusting great mentors, research, and the people I work with.

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