Interview from Dream Angel Magazine #6

Interview from Dream Angel Magazine #6

Where are you from? North Carolina.

How was life growing up in North Carolina? Growing up was rough, Music and art was my escape from it.

How is the music scene in Eastern North Carolina? Everyone has their own style, friends and people don’t collaborate.

What made you start producing? I started doing Dancehall and Reggae music. In 2006 made my first Hip-Hop beat with Sony Acid.

I switch to Reason and started learning how to produce Hip-Hop and Reggaeton. I lost all my old work so I don’t remember my old songs.

What type of music do you listen to? I love Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Drum and Bass, House, Trap, Big Room, Soca, Afro-Beats, Metal, J-Pop, K-Pop and more. I listen to all kind of music and not just rap.

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