In Loving Memory......

The Following Piece was Constructed In Loving Memory of Carolina Picchio

I cant stand another day of this! I'm sick of the snickering, the stares..His f!#kin'  Face! that stupid smirk of his, his freakin' lowlife friends, Everything F##K!!!! They think they're so cool, if only I knew a hitman... or had the money at least. What I wouldn't do to see them in fear for their lousy lives, damned if they don't deserve it.  I swear they're gonna pay. I can't even imagine what my parents are gonna do when they find out. I'm sure they'll only be concerned with why I was at a party drinking,not how humiliated i am.  They'll probably say it serves me right... I won't be able to leave my room if I wanted to.  As if things aren't bad enough with all the bs at school, my homelife will be!t sucks.  My friends keep telling me it'll be ok, justice will be served, but how can I be sure of this when the video continues to circulate and remain Public.  I'll never hear the end of this, unless I move, far, far away, but who am I kidding, that'll never happen.  i should just end it...end it all.  The laughter, the ridicule, the mockery, everything.  Just leap from my bedroom window, and it'll be over.  Why did I even go to that party in the 1st place??? No, No i won't blame myself for this, but Damn... why me??? Just because I don't want to be his girlfriend anymore?? I don't deserve this, no one does.  Forgive me if I am not strong. I can not take it any longer.  


Whaat Up #duskspot Peeps! Hope Everything is well with you.  I'm fine thanks for inquiring.  About two weeks ago I posted a blog about building awareness for the ever growing bullying problem in our society.  The more research I do on this matter, the heavier my heart gets.  Today I found an article that was rather disturbing, and tragic, to say the least.  Maybe you've heard, but if you haven't 14 year old Carolina Picchio committed suicide back in January due to cyber bullying via FaceBook.  An Italian Prosecutor is recently investigating why the video was allowed to stay posted after several requests were made for it to be removed.  Eight males with ages ranging from 15 to 17 are also under investigation for their participation in the incident.  I ask that everyone who comes across this blog re-post/re-blog it attempts of building awareness on the matter so that justice is served & to prevent hideous events like this from happening ever again.  Below I left the actual link to the article so you can read up more on it for yourself.  Thanx in Advance!

Actual Article

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Jon Oh! is an indie hip hop artist established in Charleston, South Carolina around the start of 2012. Branding himself as Mr. No Condom, he dedicates his being as a symbol of freewill and reflects this in his music. He encourages others to become more in tune with their inner self through following natural intuition.

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