I just ball

In search of fame, at sanity’s cost
You a household name, but all privacy lost
You make a mistake, they hang you up on a cross
All of a sudden they forgot who you are
They forgot about all the times you hustled and fall
Please show me a king thats never suffered a loss
Or show me a man that never suffered a scar
And I’ll show you a man thats never given his all
I’ll show you man thats never given his heart
From becoming a monster, it’s all ya fault
You can’t be a gentleman when you swimming with sharks
Shit, when you wanna be Superman, who gonna be Clarke Kent
Pour out my heart until I wind up heartless
Tryna become a father without having a father
They here when you ride then celebrate when you fall
But throughout it all, I just ball       


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emmett dillard

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