I am my biggest FAN!

I am my biggest FAN!

Why do you follow ya dreams? Who is ya bigges fan? the person that should be encoraging you the most is yaself! the person that is ya biggest fan should be....YOU! No one is gonna believe in you if you dont. For the longest time, I had a hard time in believing  in what I do. I knew I was good but am I good or great enuff to make it?! Those long nights of over thinking totally clouded my vision and the path that GOD has put in front of me. Once I  let go of the fear of making it and not giving a fuck.....things became easier for me. I dont EXPECT SHIT FROM PEOPLE! I am always looking for the rejection....so when I dont get rejected thats a PLUS! But to always have an expectation about something and someone will ALWAYS let you down! Be positively selfish! And yes you can be positively selfish! Those are the times that you need to hug yaself, take yaself out, give yaself a compliment and tell yaself that YOU ARE THE SHIT!





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Kula Voncille

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