Hot Mess After Dusk - Issue #2

Hot Mess:
Okay Keyshia Cole has always given off that "Don't Try Me" vibe so I'm not surprised when she got pissed at someone from Nikki Minaj camp for calling her out her name in the studio. Nikki I understand loyalty but you're trying to make money so tell the immature folks in your camp to behave while you're doing your thing. More LeBron Drama as this time is reported via MTO that Jay Z ignored LBJ at a concert for an NBA Extravaganza. Everyone is like we feel you Jay, but I'm like everyone get a grip with the nonsense. He's at Miami now get over it, because when folks see them winning and what not they're gonna be like that's my team. #CmonSon

This Week on Life After Dusk Live: The Infamous Hot Mess After Dusk which also focuses on the new acclamation that Life After Dusk Live has as a Featured Radio Show. We will have business expert Demetrius of DesQuan Inc. stop by the show to give his Top 10 Ways to Improve Any Business as far as more efficient and profitable, Marketing, Branding,+ more. And then top it off with my boy DJ Duffy as Life After Dusk Live will have its First Simulcasted Live Show on ICERadio.

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Do they have reserved parking for non-handicapped people at the Special Olympics? Just a thought! -
Aungenae Nekia Barrett (Facebook)

#HotMessAfterDusk if I get one more artist who send me their music and don't actually give a damn bout me I'm calling folks out by name! - CeddyJDusk (Twitter)

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