Hot Mess After Dusk - Issue #1

Welcome to First Blog For Hot Mess After Dusk. As some of you know Hot Mess After Dusk Is One of My Popular Show Days on Life After Dusk Live Radio. I decided that a weekly report here on The Dusk Spot would be a great compliment.

XXX Hot Mess: First order of business will be the directions of and I remember when I would go to both of the sites to find my hot mess all for the show. Now every time I go to them it's always about some XXX Rated Video or Picture that they focus on as their top story. It's cool to report some of them, but when that's really the only you find plastered on the site it makes me start to think are they just RedTube with blogs. On top of that it breeds some of the most classless "wannabe" celebs. Just think about what might come of this problem and ask yourself what part you took as "The Most Visited Black Website In The World". I know both of these sites can do better and the only way they will be convinced is if the people who read them encourage them to change.

This Week on Life After Dusk Live: On Tuesday, Urban Spice Magazine Model Va'Ceia who is also been named one of The Dusk Spot's Divine Models will be stopping by the show to give us the scoop on her career as a model and her aspiration for fashion designing. On Wednesday, Jersey Rapper, Syn-Right will be stopping by the show again, but this time we will be focusing on his most recent project, "Every Song Like The 1st" and whatever else he has been up to. Then finally we close off the week with 12-Year Old Producer, VohnBeats who got 1st Place This Past Saturday at The Texas Urban Music Summit's iStandard Producer's Showcase. VohnBeats, who is a Straight A student, love for music and great understanding of it showed and we will be talking to him about how he got started as well as how his father Super Producer S1 who is responsible for Kanye West's Latest Hit Single "Power".

#HotMessAfterDusk Tweets:
1 - #HotMessAfterDusk this chick is in the middle of the dance swinging her wheelchair. Like she all in the way flexin in that bad boy. 2 - #HotMessAfterDusk if you have no rhythm evaluate the dance floor please or else Twitter will know. 3 - #HotMessAfterDusk we are not shooting scenes for Step Up 3-D. Stop trying so damn hard. 4 - #HotMessAfterDusk shoutout to this chick for looking like Miss Sophia from The Color Purple. You dead wrong.

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