Hot After Dusk Daily - 1/5

HOT:  Rapper T.I. makes it very clear that all though he's the person you see in super daddy mode on his VH1 show "T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle", he separates that image from his "T.I.P." persona because it's crucial to him and his family's survival.




HOT MESS: Karyn Parsons aka "Hilary Banks" was always known for her great looks. Now at the age of 455, life has taken it's toll and left us with the Karyn before your eyes. I know we don't always look super young forever but this is extreme.




HOT:Actor Idris Elba had  taken a break from black women for  a while and took interest in white women. Well on New Year's Eve he was spotted getting cozy with a very attractive Black woman. She gon learn today Idris.


HOT MESS:  In Florida, a drunk driver who was pulled over by police had a bar tab receipt for $139. (WHOA!) Police say 40 year old, Bradley Garrison told them he only had two drinks but when they searched him they found the receipt. He was unable to to take the breath alcohol test due to vomiting.



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