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HOT:  Rapper Snoop Dogg became a game show hero yesterday after appearing on The Price Is Right as part of the iconic show’s “Celebrity Charity Week.” Being revealed on stage in a 1962 Lincoln convertible, Snoop certainly didn’t sacrifice his decadent style for the show — and helped the adorably excited contestant, Darlene, win the big prize. Playing the “Check Out” game together, Snoop was super encouraging of his teammate, and had a smile on his face as though he were genuinely having the time of his life.

Enthusiastic and animated, Snoop shouted at the audience for help, and egged on the nervous contestant giving her encouragement at every turn. And rightly so — every dollar she won was matched and donated to his youth charity, the Snoop Football League. Lucky then, that she won the car and went on to score another $72,000. “Celebrity Charity Week” will air all this week, and will also feature VH1 favorite Chris Daughtry, amongst others.



HOT MESS: A five-year-old girl was left in tears after police visited her home - to collect her overdue library books.

Hailey Benoit was left scared and believing she would be arrested after being questioned about two books which were due for return to Charlton Public Library, in Massachusetts, several months before.

Her mother Shannon said: 'I thought it was way overboard. I closed my door, I looked at my daughter and she started crying.' The drama began when local police Sergeant Dan Down knocked on the door to chase up the errant books. It was part of a blitz on $4,000 worth of unpaid fines.




HOT: The above photo was taken on a night where photographer William Travilla (right) and Marilyn spent the evening at an almost exclusively black club in Los Angeles - something that just wasn't done in 1952.

The studio was outraged, especially after her nude photograph scandal in March of that year, and the fact that she had just been on the April cover of Life magazine and hailed as 'The Talk of Hollywood.' As a result of being 'caught on camera,' they fired Travilla from the film they were working on.

But Marilyn - one of Travilla's closest friends - stood up and said 'If he goes, I go.' And of course, they let him stay, but they were successful in keeping this picture out of the press." Until 2009 when it was found in Travilla's old possessions.

The studio objected to their star being photographed with a black man. This was photographed in the 5-4 Club in South Central Los Angeles, an all-black club.

Oh, and word is after he club, the unidentified brotha went back to Marilyn's room and SMASHED!!!


HOT MESS:  A man was arrested after he and another man passed out in their SUV while waiting in the drive-through lanes of the Rock ‘N Roll McDonald’s in the River North neighborhood early Sunday, officials said.

But instead of getting another burger, police served Walter R. Dixon with DUI charges and doled out a side order of driving on a revoked license, police said.

In addition, Dixon, 30, was also cited with illegal transportation of alcohol and obstructing identification, after initially giving police a bogus name, police said. Police News Affairs Officer Darryl Baety said Dixon lives in Memphis, Tenn.


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