Hot After Dusk Daily - 1/3

HOT: Usher V and his little brother Naviyd were in Miami this weekend with their Mom. And when little Usher saw Rocsi on the beach . . . he immediately SPRANG into action. He got her to take off her dress and got to RUB HER DOWN with lotion. Not bad little man . . .



HOT MESS:Yesterday showed you EXCLUSIVE images of rapper DRAKE and the LOVE OF HIS LIFE Nebby spending New Years together. The two have dated ON AND OFF for almost 5 YEARS.Drake even talks about NEBBY in his songs, making it clear that she is the LOVE OF HS LIFE. Unfortunately for Drizzy . . . his boys don't see her as DRIZZY's chick only. Check out these EXCLUSIVE images we've got of a few of Drizzy's boys and Nebby. When Drake got FADED and was out f the picture . . . . they got very HANDS ON with his GF. WELL, expect more TEARS in Drake's next album . . . . We can almost hear him BOO HOOing now . .. .




HOT: Jay Z is back to his HUSTLING ways . . . and look what he's up to now. It seems like Rocawear is making Black barbie dolls. Interesting . . .


HOT MESS: A man charged with offering a law enforcement officer two tickets to today's Miami Dolphins pro football season finale to avoid arrest might be mostly guilty of overestimating their value, a judge said at the man's bond hearing this morning. Eric Scott Topalian, 23, of suburban Boca Raton, is charged with two counts each of possessing controlled drugs without a prescription, bribery of a public servant, threatening a public servant and resisting arrest without violence.




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