Hot After Dusk Daily - 1/2

HOT: You've heard ALL KINDS of rumors about WHEN and WHERE Beyonce is giving birth. Well has the REAL DEAL.

According to a person CLOSE to a member of the family, Beyonce WILL give birth on WEDNESDAY. The insider claims that FAMILY have been told that on Wednesday morning they will be taken to the hospital to "be a part" of the child birth.

We're also told that Beyonce and Jay Z "FREAKED OUT" over our report last week, disclosing that she MAY be giving birth in a NYC hospital. They are CONCERNED that there could be a SECURITY THREAT. And so THIS TIME, they are keeping ALL DETAILS confidential.

According to our insider, not even her MOTHER Tina Knowles knows exactly where the birth will take place.

Dang Jay and Bey, is it that serious. We can't WAIT until Wednesday!!!


HOT MESS: Flo Rida needs to be 'SHAMED OF HIMSELF. You see, his SONS MOTHER is a longtime MTOer named Gloria and she was trying QUIETLY to work out a REASONABLE child support settlement with the rapper.

But dude DENIED that he was their sons father. In fact, according to Gloria he even went so far as to get a FAKE PATERNITY TEST (which DIDN'T have his name on it) in order to NOT PAY FOR HIS SEED.

Well Gloria would like to officially PUT DUDE ON BLAST. Why wouldn't he want to be in the life of that adorable young man


HOT: Savannah was spotted out last night at the Miami Heat game. Peep the ring. We're told that it is a 4 CARA, special HEART SHAPED FLAWLESS DIAMOND. The retail price of the stone, is $450K!!

The quality of this diamond, we're told is D-FL. Meaning it's COLORLESS and FLAWLESS.


HOT MESS: After days on the run, a man police say rear-ended an off-duty deputy and then ran him over is behind bars.

James Pemberton, III was booked at the Jessamine County jail Saturday morning and his girlfriend is also in custody. Police say she was in the car when Pemberton ran over the deputy.

"He says he went down for a split second and rear-ended somebody and he didn't know it was an officer," says Megon Potter, the girlfriend of the driver who was arrested.


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