Hot After Dusk Daily - 1/16

HOT:  Congrats to Dwayne Wade for celebrating his 30th Birthday with a bang thanks to his girlfriend Actress Gabrielle Union. Some of the star studded party guests included T.I., Tiny, Rick Ross, Kelly Rowland, and of course teammates Bosh and LBJ accompanied by their chicks.




HOT MESS: This dumb criminals and their self-incriminating shirts never cease to amaze me. This idiot was caught wearing this shirt when he was arrested on child molestation charges.




HOT: All I can say is Esther Baxter still has it. Some people get even finer with age and she's proving that point clearly.


HOT MESS:  I had a dream that one day these hot mess hairstyles would stop. I know it's MLK's Birthday but this is way over the top. Stop the madness.




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