George Zimmerman Not Guilty, But What Did We Learn?

What did we learn?

Nothing new! We were more so reassured that in order for Black people to not be fk'd over, it starts from within. No one else will be able to fix no matter what they tell me.

How can we accomplish this?

- Stop justifying sagging your pants. There is no excuse you could give me to convince me otherwise.

- Support the BLACK owned businesses in your neighborhood! They say money is power and if we support our own like when we had Black Wallstreet on widespread spectrum that would help our neighborhoods be more uplifted and have money exchanging hands over and over.

- Stop justifying a criminal lifestyle! Honestly what makes you better than George Zimmerman, when you contribute to Black people being slain.

- In the words of my dad Cecil "Chef CC" Collier, "we need to get back to Black people loving each other again." So much self-hate that it's crazy.

Next Week's DJ Sundays In The Park in Cobb Park will be dedicated to Trayvon Martin. If you havent been to the park since its been upgraded then you're taking for granted one of our OWN resources.

So what will you do today to make the future better? Y.O.G.O. You Only Get One!

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