Fvck The Police!

     Lots has happened in this last quarter of 2k14...especially in hip hop.  Although lots of progression was made, there was a lot of mishaps, unfortunate events, and riffs amongst artist(some of whom appeared to be good friends).  On top of that it seems that the #hiphoppolice are cracking down on artist that affiliate themselves with the streets.  For example they hit new up and coming artist Bobby Shmurda with an indictment "about a week agoooo"(its not funny tho)".  Feds say they busted Bobby & crew GS9 with about 20 some-odd guns, and had other charges against them ranging from murder to drugs.  I read recently that Shmurda is out on bond, but faces 25 years. His lawyer states the case they have against him is all a hunk of bull shyt, for his sake I hope it is.


  Nothing is worse than the article I just read tho.  If you're not into west coast rap then you don't know these guys, but San Diego rapper Tiny Doo is behind bars right now due to a mixtape he released entitled "No Safety.  The cops believe a string of attempted murders boosted the artists credibility which in turn caused the mixtape to do really well, and if you haven't heard(as I hadn't), the conspiracy law imprisons anyone who benefits from the criminal activity in question, even if they had nothing to do with it!  When you add up the facts that Tiny Doo has no criminal record, the mixtape was made a year before the shootings occured, and the songs don't even indicate the shootings, you gotta wonder: Why are they charging him again?  Mr Doo is set to go to trial late January, but I honestly hope this case gets dismissed.  Prosecutors day its not about his freedom of speech, but actually it is.  Now correct me if I'm wrong but I've never heard of a case against a (death-metal, punk) rock artist, even though fans of these genres commit suicide at times, and  sometimes schools even get shot up:(. These lyrics can be very disturbing at times, & though every so often ppl point the finger, its never near as serious as the Tiny Doo case.  I hope everything works out in his favor.

 Also in other legal matters in hip hop,  apparently this Lil Wayne leaving Cash Money thing is real.  I've been seeing several reports that indicate Tunechi is ready to sue Baby, & it basically boils down to the release of The Carter V.  I've heard that the ultimatum for Baby is release Tunechi or he's going to sue.  Everything is being kept sort of hush besides the original tweet that Wayne sent out a week or two ago. Will do my best to keep you updated!!!

No Condom…Total Freedom

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Jon Oh! is an indie hip hop artist established in Charleston, South Carolina around the start of 2012. Branding himself as Mr. No Condom, he dedicates his being as a symbol of freewill and reflects this in his music. He encourages others to become more in tune with their inner self through following natural intuition.

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