February STAR of The Month (Rank 2) - Melissa J

Ceddy J: Welcome to the High Five Melissa. When did you know modeling was something you were born to do?

Melissa J:  Actually I didn't at first.  Growing up I enjoyed singing more so than anything else really, from doing talent shows to plays I was always in front of the camera or an audience.  I loved the attention and performing and just the feeling of having people enjoy me entertaining them was something I genuinely enjoyed.

It wasn't until I entered the Miss Turks and Caicos Islands beauty pageant in 2005...that really did it for me and not even so much as the pageantry itself but more of the getting made up and the numerous photo shoots, being interviewed and the whole shabang....that did it for me. 

Ceddy J: When you're going to a shoot how do you get hype beforehand?

Melissa J:  It's not really much that I do.  I guess just the regular for most models; eat something especially if it's going to be a long day.  Most all my shoots I do my own MU and styling so for that I have to prep as far as making sure I have everything that is needed for that day.

Ceddy J: I know this is going to be a tough one, but right now if you had to pick your favorite shoot you have done so far, what would it be?

Melissa J:  Haha!  Why can't I choose all=).....But I would have to say my shoot with Gran Hawk Studios.  Reason why is because I got such an immediate and positive response to those images, I think simply because it was more about me and not so much as a 'theme' like most of my shoots.  It was basically me loving the skin that I'm in (literally).

Ceddy J: You're one of the official bloggers on The Dusk Spot now, which you share tips for models on the best practices for the modeling industry. What inspired you to write for us and how can the modeling industry grow even more.

Melissa J:  Besides the fact that I love to talk=)  I'm not a selfish person, so if in anyway the information that I myself have acquire over the few years can help others like it has helped me then I'm all for sharing.  As far as growth in the industry honestly the number of females and males alike who are currently in the game nowadays speaks for itself.  The modeling industry is something thats growing within itself if you ask me, with so many options and leeways that the industry is providing that's all it is doing is growing.

Ceddy J: What would you say are the top 5 things models should know when it comes to their image?

Melissa J:  The up keep of your appearance of course........Consider your surroundings i.e the company you associate your name with.........always keep a business level head.........You are ALWAYS on the job as a model on and off camera.....and in all things remain humble=)

Ceddy J: Thank you Melissa for your time as well as for sending some of that sun from the Turks and Caicos Islands this direction.

Melissa J:  No I thank you =)

The opportunity is greatly appreciated....I also want to extend my appreciation for those who are keeping up with me and for your constant support......You can find me on twitter @3mmyJDoll also check out my fb page www.facebook.com/melissajtci and click like =) here on the dusk spot of course and I'm also on deck at www.modelsondeck.com/melissaj....... for bookings contact:  melissajtci@gmail.com


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