February STAR of The Month (Rank 1) - Tiera Laurice

Ceddy J: Welcome to the High Five Tiera Laurice, and a huge congrats for you being the February STAR of The Month! How do you stay so active on the site while never running out of content to post?

Tiera Laurice: I stay active on The Dusk Spot, because I am just consistently doing photo shoots and videos.

Ceddy J: One thing we can pick up so easily from your YouTube videos is how lively you are. Would people consider you the life of the party?

Tiera Laurice: Me the life of the party? Of course, I am a fun and hilarious person who is definitely full of life lol.

Ceddy J: You give us the best of all areas of modeling, which one would you pick is your favorite and why?

Tiera Laurice: Well I don't really have a favorite area of modeling. I love to do it all except full nude lol. I am a very versatile person who can change into anything or anyone on camera.

Ceddy J: What's your dream shoot do as far as from the wardrobe, setting, and poses?

Tiera Laurice: My dream shoot is in Africa with body paint to match the tiger that I am laying right in front of relaxing. I know that's a little crazy .

Ceddy J: That doesn't sound crazy at all lol. Sounds really exciting. Thank you for your time and once again congrats on being the February STAR of The Month!

Tiera Laurice: Thank you again for having me

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