Monday, Jan 6th
1st Hr: T. Steele
2nd Hr: Alsoomse

Tuesday, Jan 7th
New Years

Wednesday, Jan 8th
2nd Hr: FaithTheModel

Thursday, Jan 9th

Monday, Jan 13th
1st Hr: Brielle Sunshyne
2nd Hr: Officially Lashee

Tuesday, Jan 14th
Does Your Mate's # of
Past Sex Partners

Wednesday, Jan 15th
2nd Hr: Aether

Thursday, Jan 16th

Monday, Jan 20th
1st Hr: Miz E

Tuesday, Jan 21st
Would You Stay With
Your Partner If They

Wednesday, Jan 22nd
2nd Hr: Diemens

Thursday, Jan 23rd

Monday, Jan 27th
1st Hr: D'Lylah Cheeks
2nd Hr: Sean Felder

Tuesday, Jan 28th

Wednesday, Jan 29th
2nd Hr: QT Jazz

Thursday, Jan 30th

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