Don't Stop Pop That!!

Don’t Stop, Pop That!!!

Twerkin’…..What started off as a simple way of expressing a stripper’s style of dance has turned into an official hobby for girls/women alike everywhere.  As a matter of fact I’d bet my bottom dollar that if you Ask’d Jeeves about your favorite female entertainer and twerking there’s probably a video of her engaging in the activity.

& whats a Twerk blog w/o Miley in there lol

I Luv Miley, and she got the moves right and all but as of right now, her body just not built for twerking.  I.E.

I remember when I heard of the ‘twerk videos’ for the 1st time.  They had been circulating and It was a group of girls going by the name the ‘Official Twerk Team’.  I mean it was the hot topic of schools, workplaces, and households everywhere,  even though it was something you could see any urban club on any given night at any given time.  Before long girls everywhere where making twerk videos in hopes that they get some type of recognition for their talents. Some good….

Others, disastrous

LMAO!!  Well I hope you enjoyed your “Twerk 101″ I’ll leave you with a few clips of your favorite entertainer twerk vids.


Nicki Minaj



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Jon Oh! is an indie hip hop artist established in Charleston, South Carolina around the start of 2012. Branding himself as Mr. No Condom, he dedicates his being as a symbol of freewill and reflects this in his music. He encourages others to become more in tune with their inner self through following natural intuition.

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