Do Artists still need DJs In 2023?

Do Artists still need DJs In 2023?

Do Artists Still Need DJS In 2023? Hip-Hop music started with the DJ and MC. So do artists need DJs today? Many artists feel they don’t and mention artists that they think blew up on social media.

DJs are still a great way to get your music out to the world, and DJs are still breaking records. Furthermore, One DJ may ignore you when another DJ may give you a chance. Don’t let that stop you from approaching DJs. However, Below I will teach you the proper way to approach a DJ.


Mix Show can introduce your songs to an audience and help the radio program director and A&R notice your song. A&R listens to different mix shows every day.


Yes, you can’t just run up to a DJ at midnight at the club and expect them to play your song if you are a new unsigned artist. Their reputation is on the line, and they need to keep the party going. Connect with the DJ and build a relationship with them. Share their event flyers, listen to their mix shows, repost, comment, and like. Many artists send music to DJs without building a relationship with the DJ.

Most DJs will not accept links, so be prepared to send MP3 or WAV files. Ask your engineer for a DJ Service pack. Include your instrumental, acapella, clean song, explicit song, and radio edit.



  • Core Dj (Global) The Core DJs are the most popular and largest DJ coalition. The Core DJs do Mixtapes, Radio, Clubs, and more
  • Next Level DJ Coalition (Global) Next Level DJ Coalition is the number 1 DJ coalition in Google.
  • Coalition DJ is an Atlanta-based DJ Coalition. Known for running strip clubs in the South. You can find the Co-Founder DJ Funky in Strokers.
  • Nerve DJs (Mid-West)
  • Virdiko (Dallas and Global) -Virdiko is another DJ Coalition that can help you break your record.
  • Cool Running DJs is a Florida-based DJ coalition created by Bigga Rankin

Furthermore, asks your mastering engineer for a DJ service pack. Which included instrumental, 8 Bar Intro, Clean, Dirty, Acapella, TV Song (optional), and Generic Drop (optional).


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