Ceddy J: First Off Tiffany It's A Pleasure To Take This Time Out With You. Please Let Everyone Know More About The Wonder That is Tiffany Elizabeth?
Tiffany Elizabeth: Well thank you for the oppurtunity to hold that place as 2010 model of a year, definenetly an honor.... Well My name is Tiffany Elizabeth, a Hardworker, passionate about what i do and very determined..
Ceddy J: How does it feel to now be the Title Holder of Dusk Divine Model Group's 2010 Model of Year and Congrats As Well?
Tiffany Elizabeth: O my goodness, it feels amazing, to see that ive come sooo very far with you guys! I rememeber i was doing something with my sister.. and i get an alert on my phone saying i was Model of the year!! i was like NOOO this hads to be a mistake! i was soooo surprised, Grateful, & couldnt have been happier!! thank you again
Ceddy J: As Far As Advice To Those Looking To Become A Serious Model, What Would Reccomend To Them?
Tiffany Elizabeth: i would reccomend to just be persistant with everything you do, if you get an opppurtunity.. run with it, dont let anybody ever! tell you NO.. work hard and list your goals,so you can see yourself check them off 1 by 1..
Ceddy J: What Are Some of The Big Things Coming Up With For Early 2011 That We Need To Look Out For?
Tiffany Elizabeth: Well 2011 im DEFINENTLY doing ALOT more and anything i can get my hands on.. if your in the LA, SD, or close surrounding areas, ill be hosting ALOT more events.. im shooting the cover of a Romantic Book Novel ! which will be sold worldwide.. soo im excited for that!... you guys just have to stay tuned ;) 
Ceddy J: Thank You For Your Time Once Again and God Bless You.
Tiffany Elizabeth: . Aww of course! i always have time for you guys, thats another thing NEVER EVER forget who was there for you from the very start.. but thank you again guys for EVERYTHING.. love u guys xoxo MUAH! ♥
For More Info On Tiffany Elizabeth and How You Can Reach Her Visit : http://duskdivinemodelgroup.blogspot.com/2010/07/featured-model-ummshetoobomb.html
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