Ceddy J: First Off Nook It's A Pleasure To Take This Time Out With You. Please Let Everyone Know More About Hall of Fame Gang 's Heavy Pusher and Outstanding Artist Nook?
Nook of HOFG: I started rapping in high school doing cyphers and battles in the lunch room back in 2005, I really didnt start taking rap serious until I link up with the two other founders of HOFG ; King Ave and Joey Buck ... Once we link up its been about music since than
Ceddy J: How does it feel to have "Get Lifted" as The Best Song of The Year on Life After Dusk Radio for 2010?
Nook of HOFG: Its great to actually have supporters and a fanbase that will vote us into the top song of the year thanks to the fans and all the support from Ceddy J and After Dusk Media 
Ceddy J: As Far As Advice To Those Looking To Become A Serious Artist as well as develop a great fanbase, What Would Reccomend To Them?
Nook of HOFG: Be your self ... stay real and take the time out to work on ur music make sure promote promote promote ... YouTube FaceBook Reverbnation hoe ur self out on the internet ... lol any site u can put music on put ur music on it 
Ceddy J: What Are Some of The Big Things Coming Up With For Early 2011 That We Need To Look Out For?
Nook of HOFG: 2011 HOFG got 2 mixtapes dropping early in the year Get Lifted which is King Ave mixtape No Hard Feelings ; my mixtape my first is All Things Personnel once its done. Ceddy J you know you getting the exclusive 
Ceddy J: Thank You For Your Time Once Again and God Bless You.
Nook of HOFG: Thanks for your time
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