Now I know many have probably heard this a million times, but some of the most successful and famous people in the world had to face rejection in their life. I personally have had battles with such things myself, when it comes to some of things I want to accomplish. First there are the people who have when I decided to start "Life After Dusk Live" after a college professor saw my potential who doubted that I would get far with a "internet radio show hosted by someone who isn't known." Most of these people were and still today are in my own city. Now four years, over 500 episodes, and almost 700,000 listeners I have made those people have second thoughts. I might not be backed by a major network, but Blogtalkradio has given me an opportunity to have a humble beginning and make some noise.
 Then there is my social network, The Dusk Spot! I think I can honestly speak for other black, independent, social network founders that we often go through a battle constantly due comments like "You can never be Facebook or Twitter!" My reply to that is who in the World ever said that I wanted to be Facebook or Twitter, I want to be better and different. Many respected media outlets and professionals in the entertainment industry have stated that they love the different approach we take on bringing NETWORKING back into social networking. We don't ask about relationship status because that has nothing to do with doing business. If people want that, go find a dating site. We have become the home to over 600 members, who aren't not spammers or fake pages due to how much we focus on security.
 Reflecting more on rejection, I realize every want support what I have going on, but they won't have a choice to to TRULY respect it. I'm not afraid to fail, I'm afraid of not trying! That being said I would like to close out with a list of black people who have failed that correlate with.
- Sidney Poitier
Told by a casting director to "just stop wasting everyone's time and go back to being a dishwasher".
- Oprah Winfrey
Fired from her television reporting job because she wasn't fit to be on screen.
- Michael Jordan
Cut from his high school basketball team

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Ceddy J is responsible for everything that pertains to internet radio show Life After Dusk Live which is now a part of After Dusk Media. The focus of Ceddy J is to empower upcoming leaders of entertainment industry and those who cater to them through design, promotion, and anything of the sort to bring new ideas to the industry. By these individuals doing so Ceddy J helps promote them on his radio show and various other outlets of After Dusk Media and The Dusk Spot.

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