#BasementMuzik Presents: It’s Kay Kay from VA by Ria Rites
Just to give you a some background…A couple of weeks ago, I went to an artist showcase in Virginia Beach, VA to check out some local underground talent. The showcase was cool but I couldn’t help but notice the majority of men dominating the stage….until Kay took the mic. While the dudes had their crews & hypemanz behind them, Kay conquered the stage alone. Just her, the mic and the music. I couldn’t help but to be hypnotized by her smooth flow and her ability to stand alone facing us with her message through her music. Not to mention…Shawty Got Swag!!Thankfully, I was able to catch up with the upcoming raptress to find out who she is and her journey to who she wants to be.The Interview:Me: So, to start out-I know this question is cliché- but where are you from?Kay: I was born in Puerto Rico- a lot of people may not know- but the main area I rep is Portsmouth, VA. So the Hampton Roads Area.Me: How old were you when you first started rappin?Kay: I started writing at first in middle school. I would write R&B songs but I always had a passion for rapping. I started rapping probably about a year ago. I got into the recording side of things and went into the studio and recorded “Vis-Á Vis.” A lot of people are surprised to hear how new I am. I just dropped the EP this past November.Me: Do you only rap? I know you kind of touch on it in the last question when you mentioned that you write but what else do you do as an artist?Kay: I do modeling and acting. Before I got in the studio, I was really really acting. I was doing stage plays and I was in a commercial. So that’s what I was doing on that side but I was keeping up with my music and modeling too. But when I recording “Vis-Á- Vis,” I did learn some things on the engineering side- ya know- like editing and mix a little but that’s like really it.Me: Ok Ok. So, this question is kinda theological?…or?…philosophical?.. if that is how you would put it…? (*both of us laugh lol!) BUT…Since we are apart of a generation that’s OBESESSED with all things new, what would you say this is unique about your flow and message?Kay: It actually has meaning to it. I definitely make sure my music has substance and meaning. Alot of them are stories. A lot of them are made up stories, like, I was looking from a different point of view like [the song] “Date Night.” Yea, that never happened to me, like pulling up and seeing another girl leave my guy’s house.Me: That’s so funny you mention that song because I was just about to ask you was the song “Date Night [from the EP] based from personal experience?Kay: It definitely wasn’t! (lol!) I just sat there one day thinking like, “man, what if I drove up to somebody’s house and I saw a girl… what would I do?” But I knew it had to have happened to someone. So I was like, I’m going to write about that. I like to put myself in people’s shoes.Me: What would you say is missing in underground hip hop today?Kay: I would say diversity, patience and knowledge. Diversity because as we can see everyone wants to hop on what’s new instead of creating something for themselves and being their own creative person. That’s kinda why people think hip hop is dying. It’s not dying, it’s just that you don’t see a lot of creative people out here. Patience because a lot of artists don’t really understand that you don’t have to drop a song every single day every single minute. When I first started, I had so much confidence in myself and my project to the point where I knew what I can’t do, what I can do and what I have to do. So I just put it out. I was promoting it, of course, but I wasn’t in people’s DMs saying “You have to check this out!” I just put it out, told people and let them take their time to check it out. That [patience] really helped me out a lot. And then knowledge, I think a lot of artists and people in the business- especially our age- we don’t have a lot of knowledge about things. And that could be really effective towards your career and music. We don’t know knowledge especially the history of hip hop. A lot of people just be like “I want to be a rapper, Imma start rapping now” and that’s not how to do it. You have to know your history and background first. Me knowing that- and I’m still learning of course- made me respect it more.Me: How would you describe your personal style of music?Kay: That’s so hard because everyone always ask me that and I’m like OMG! (lol!) but I would say like a 90’s style with a modern feel.Me: Any new upcoming projects we should know about?Kay: Ummm…(lol) I am in the works. I guess, I’ll give you the exclusive. I am in the process. I am doing a lot of talking with certain people right now so I’m just being patient and seeing how that goes. I’m looking to do a few more things before I really get working on my next project. I have certain artists in mind that I want to work with and how I want to go about things. And I kinda have a release around time. So I am in the works and in the process.It was awesome chattin with Kay and I’m excited to see what the future holds her. Check out her links below ↓ to keep up with her and her work. I’m sure there will be much more to come!Wanna Find Kay?Facebook: Makay PerryTwitter: @itsmakaykayhoeInstagram: @makaykay
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Twenty- three year old DMV native Ria Rites (@riarites) always had a love for the craft and creativity of music. It developed early when her older brother and his friends would do cyphers in the neighborhood she grew up in DelRay Alexandria. Over the years, she encountered many talented underground artists and producers who were trying to make their name but most importantly their music known. Their drive inspired her to help them get their music out and so the birth of music blog #basementmuzik developed. Ria Rites has assisted with promoting for an online music magazine based out of ATL called Grip Magazine, Inc as well as an upcoming record label Hit Records World Wide. Recently, she partnered with AVR-Music, a music blog based out of London. Today, Ria Rites is focused on exposing upcoming underground artists and producers on her blog site and promoting upcoming talent which will soon turn into a full career in the near future.


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