Bad Santa!!!

Since the day you were born, 9 times outta 10 Santa has been portrayed as a jolly, cookie loving, rosie cheek, benevolent fat guy, but what do you really know about Santa?  Well for starters lets get the fact that he was originally crafted from Odin, the norse Supreme God.  His horse was said to acquire 4 extra legs in the winter (which gave him 8), which is when he would fly around the world giving out gifts to good kids, and punishments to the bad ones

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I guess this Santa was too cool, so around the time of the 4th Century they found a new model for Santa, St. Nicholas of Myra; A "trust-fund baby" who was said to be a devout follower of Christ, so he spent most of his wealth on helping out the needy, sick, and suffering. As good as this Sounds, since Christians were persecuted under the then Roman Emperor, Good Ole St. Nick was exiled, imprisoned, and tortured quite a bit.  Therefore  this Santa was no better in physical description,  but much closer personality-wise(with the exeption of the fact that he was a brawler who barred none if need be).  He in fact was more known for being a Robin Hood like outlaw, whofought the rich, and protected & gave to the less fortunate.

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Here our belovedSanta is picturedslapping a "Bishop"for saying something aboutJesus that was not to his liking.  Good Ole St. Nick did so in front of a large group, including the Emperor Constatine, so the "event" is actually noted in history!!  (Actual Painting Still Resides In Turkey!!)

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The man we know as Santa today is completely made up, and just about as fabricated as his outfit!!! One thing for sure though at least society has kept his two most important traits alive; hisgenerousity, as well as his 'rowdiness'.  Every year there's around 20,000 "Rent-a-Santas" hired around the US, and I'm guessing they all feel like there's only room for 1 Santa, as it seems every year there's a recoreded brawl of our favorite Holiday Icon(s) battling it out for Top Santa is my guess....

On the left we have footage from 2010's "Santa Claus Brawl" that erupted at "Santacon" and on the right we've fast forwarded to  the current year, and as you could tell there's been more contestants getting involved  every year, I hope that this problem gets sorted out before this escalates into war...

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Well I'm hoping you found this blog as informing and interesting as I did.  Just in casw you wanted to learn more I left links to sites/pages where I pirated my info. Speaking of pirates, did you know a group of them took his remains in a raid and they're now spread all across the world??? Guess thats why we feel holiday cheer far and wide...........

Facts About St. Nick

Facts About St Nick. cont.

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